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Cedar Rapids

Court House
Downtown Cedar Rapids River Walk
Freedom Fest
Freedom Fest
Mary's Island
May's Island
Court House Bikes
Veterans Memorial Building
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With a population of almost 130,000 citizens, Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in the state of Iowa.It is playfully known as “The City of Five Seasons,” which refers to a fictional fifth season set aside for enjoying the other four. Cedar Rapids real estate makes up a dynamic urban setting with the skyline of a big city, but the feel and pace of Anytown,USA. Due to its extremely low crime rate and successful school system, Cedar Rapids was named “One of the Best Places to Grow Up” by Yahoo Real Estate and “The Safest Place to Live” by Outlook Magazine.

Cedar Rapids homes are afforded an ever-burgeoning culture and arts community boasting an array of theaters and museums which showcase both broad and specific subjects from the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art to the National Czech & Slovak Museum.From this city have emerged many famous authors, photographers, painters, and actors (both Ashton Kutcher and Elijah Wood are from Cedar Rapids).

Since the city spans the Cedar River, it is no wonder Cedar Rapids is a major intersection of trade for the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Kansas City.It is the largest grain processing city in the world and home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Rockwell Collins.


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